Ageing Workforce

Ageing, work and health:
an investigation of working women's experience of the menopause

This research was completed at the end of December 2010. Its aims were to identify:

  1. the extent and nature of the problems that the menopause presents for women at work and
  2. how this can be improved through design and management of work

Deliverables of this research include:

  • evidence based recommendations for management and occupational health advisers to inform policy, best practice and a work environment that will be conducive to the health and productivity of women working through the menopause
  • identification of the factors that would help women working through the menopause stay in work, thus reducing staff turnover
  • advice leaflets for older women working through the menopause and for their employers
  • scientific report on work related concerns of older women workers, and their effects on health, motivation and performance

The Final Reports are available here:

pdf  Women's Experience of Working through the Menopause

pdf  Work and the Menopause: A Guide for Managers

See also TUC New Guidance

Last Update: 28-Jul-2013