BOHRF winds down

As first announced in a letter dated 20 January 2012 from Chair of BOHRF Trustees, Sir Bill Callaghan, to all BOHRF supporters, BOHRF is no longer in a position to seek potential sponsorship, nor offer further research grants.

pdfFull text of the letter here

There is, however, a wealth of excellent research outputs here on the website - reports produced over the last 21 years - which will remain useful for some time to come. Please feel free to access and use them.

After careful consideration, the Board of Trustees agreed that the residual funds should be awarded in the form of a final grant to The At Work Partnership to support the Research Plus pages of the Occupational Health [at work] Journal. The funding will enable the Research Plus pages to be made available free of charge for a period of four years to a wide audience with an interest in occupational health, and carry a link to this BOHRF website where our successfully completed research will continue to be listed. We are delighted that Dr John Ballard and his team are carrying on this work.

The Board of Trustees felt this was the best way of ensuring the BOHRF name and legacy remained in the public domain for as long as possible.

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